— Dec 29, 2016


— May 19, 2016

BookExpo '16 Chicago

BookExpo and BookCon 2016.

— Mar 21, 2016

My new psychological thriller, "Domestic Ransom" is scheduled for release in April!

Vicki is desperate for love, so when the devilishly good-looking Ben catches her eye, she leaps at the chance for romance and…

— Mar 20, 2016

"Domestic Ransom" scheduled to be released in April!

An expert at looking for love in all the wrong places, Vicki’s head is turned by a charming and handsome younger man named Ben.…

— Mar 20, 2016

Domestic Ransom scheduled to be released in April!

— Mar 8, 2016

Treasure- winner of the Great Northwest and Great Southeast Book Festivals

— Jan 1, 2016

Winner in Florida Book Festival 2016

Award ceremony to be held this month in Boston.

— Dec 31, 2015

London Book Festival Winner 2016

— Nov 7, 2015

Southern California Book Festival

I just found out this morning that Treasure was a winner at the 2015 Southern California Book Festival.

— Nov 4, 2015


Radio interviews ended today.

— Aug 17, 2015

Hampton Gift Bags

Having a great day getting books, with gold sticky award labels, sent up to the Hamptons for their Labor Day weekend Hampton…

— Jul 25, 2015

Hollywood Book Festival

Hollywood Book Festival at the Roosevelt Hotel